The legend of the Dark Unicorn

Well, that’s a horse of a different color…

People are often intrigued about the origin of our name, “Ooh Dark Unicorn, what does it mean, tell me more?”. So this is the fable of how our name came to be. Long ago, in a far away land…

Only kidding… It’s really not that deep. In the technology universe, an Unicorn is a person who has more than one skill. Those rare, mythical beasts who are proficient in multiple techniques. For instance, a programmer who can design would be called an Unicorn. Considering we design your sites, write the code, and can implement the hardware to use it all, we too are Unicorns!

Dark Unicorn is a play on the phrase “Dark Horse”, which means “a competitor in which little is known, that unexpectedly wins”. 

There you have it, Dark Unicorn designs and Technologies! Pretty cool,huh? So whether you need a website built from scratch, a design consult on how to make your website more user friendly, or advice and instruction on what technologies will best suit your needs, we are here to help.


Our Mission

Should we choose to accept it….

The mission of Dark Unicorn Designs and Technologies is to provide professional, unique, out-of-the-box web design, as well as personalized, patient, and attentive technology consulting to non-profits, small businesses, seniors, people with disabilities, and others to whom technology has been less accessible.


Judgement-Free Technology  

Hakuna Matata…

We have worked with social justice groups, therapists, and consultation firms to create beautiful, eye-popping web pages. We have also helped dozens of seniors and people with disabilities integrate new technology into their lives. We can provide you with a customized, clear-cut technology plan to suit your specific needs. 

Our staff are trained in exceptional customer service skills, as well as the top technological methodologies, to be able speak with you in patient, non-judgemental tones. We understand that it can all be so confusing, and strive to meet you at your level, and not expect you to know the latest lingo and innovations. That’s what we are here for!